Icon Collector Graphics Editor

Icon Collector Graphics Editor 4.11

Edits small 32-bit images like icons and cursors
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Great Owl Software

Edit, manage and replace your system design elements stored as 32-bit image files including cons, cursors, and thumbnails by accessing them via the specialized editing solution supporting multi-language file management, multi-level undo/redo, rea, line, color picker, rectangle, ellipse, screen adjustment, etc.

Powerful 32-bit image editor designed specifically for use with icons, cursors, and thumbnail images. Features include support for multi-image editing, multi-level undo/redo, vast arsenal of tools (area, line, color picker, rectangle, ellipse, screen capture, eraser, flood fill, pencil, brush, draw text), functions (nudge, flip), and editing modes (solid, odd, even, pattern). Plus additional tools for registered users.

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